Table of Contents for FAQ’s

  • Support
  • Select a tree
  • Check out from the shopping cart
  • Order confirmation email
  • Make a donation to Friends of Scouting (FOS)
  • Delivery charges are taxable



Please send an email with any questions and comments to bsa42trees@gmail.com


Select a tree

  1. From the menu near the top of the website, click “Trees”
  2. If you don’t know what type of tree to choose, click “All Trees”
  3. You see all the different tree types with photos, Silver Tips, Noble Firs, and Douglas Firs
  4. If you’re selecting a tree and you don’t need a stand, pick the type you like and click on the appropriate size, update the quantity, and click on “Add to Cart”
  5. You’ll be able to go to the shopping cart by clicking “View my cart (1)”, or click on “Continue Shopping”
  6. The number next to “View my car” lets you know how many items are currently in your shopping cart
  7. If want a tree with a stand, check the stand chart which identifies each tree by size and matches that tree to the appropriate stand size.
  8. In the shopping cart, you can always click on the link “Continue shopping” near the upper right


Check out from the shopping cart

  1. Once in the shopping cart, you can always click on the link “Continue shopping” near the upper right
  2. If you’re done shopping and you’re ready to pay for your order, review your list of items:
  • make any adjustments to the quantities for each item by clicking the “plus”(+) or “minus”(-) links on either side of the current quantity
  • to delete an item from the cart, click on the garbage can icon to the right of the “plus”(+) sign
  1. Once you’re done adjusting quantities and removing unwanted items from the cart, scroll down in the cart to the area below the last item in the list
  2. On the right side you’ll see the adjusted subtotal of items, which doesn’t include taxes or delivery charges, if applicable. Pickup from the Scout Tree Lot incurs no additional delivery charges.
  3. On the left side you’ll see “Special instructions (max. 254 characters)” with a box for you to add any comments or instructions which will be kept with your order and be visible to the staff preparing your order
  4. Some examples of special instructions could be: “Please put a fresh cut on my tree”, or “Please cut the 20 feet of garland into 1 section of 8, 1 section of 7, and 1 section of 5”
  5. Select either the Pickup or Local delivery icon. Since the pickup option is the default there is no need to click Pickup. In order to get your order delivered, click on the Local delivery icon. The icon will turn gray (enabled). The $35 fee will be added to the final total.
  6. With either Pickup or Local delivery choices you’ll see a box which has the words “Please choose a date and time”
  7. Either place your cursor in the box, or click the calendar icon next to it, to bring up the calendar
  8. On the calendar, pick a date for your delivery/pickup, and then pick a delivery window for your order, if there are multiple choices.  Some days have only one time choice and that will be the default for that day.
  9. Once you’ve selected both a date and time, your choices will display in the box, e.g. “Sat. November 27, 2021 at 9:40 AM”
  10. If you choose Local delivery, a box will appear labeled "Please enter delivery options (optional)"
  11. You can enter delivery instruction in this box.
  12. The Check out button is disabled until the date and time populate the box
  13. With a date and time selected, click Check out to be taken to the “Contact information” page (checkout page)
  14. After clicking Check out, you will be on the "check out" page where an email/phone is required. This email is used to notify you of order confirmation
  15. If you selected Pickup, the address of the Piedmont Scout Tree Lot will be displayed as the shipping address.
  16. Please fill in the billing address information for a Pickup order. For a Local delivery order, fill in the shipping/delivery address information.  If the billing address is the same as the delivery address, you can check the box labeled “Use shipping address as billing address” and the billing address will be copied from the delivery address
  17. A summary of the order is displayed on the right side of the screen.
  18. “Contact” page (checkout page) will require an email/phone number
  19. After completing the delivery address, the delivery charge is updated to $35.00.
  20. Check "Use shipping address as billing address" if billing and shipping/delivery addresses are the same
  21. If billing address is different from delivery address, uncheck the "Use shipping address as billing address" and a "Billing address" label will pop up, and you can enter the billing address for the card 
  22. Enter optional phone
  23. Enter you credit/debit card information
  • Card number
  • Expiration date
  • 3 – digit security code ( the CVV number on the back of the card)
  • Name on card
  1. The "Tip" selection defaults to "None"
  2. If you want to add a tip, the scouts will very much appreciate it!
  3. Click the Pay now button


Order confirmation email

If you don’t see your order confirmation email within 5 minutes, check you spam folder for the email


Make a donation to Friends of Scouting (FOS)

  1. After placing all the items for purchase into the shopping cart, you will finally click on the button View my cart
  2. On the “Your cart” page, you should see all the items you’ve placed into the cart for purchase
  3. Before clicking the Checkout button, you’ll see an Icon labeled “CHARITABLE DONATIONS” with a label below that says “Friends of Scouting (FOS)”
  4. Click on the “CHARITABLE DONATIONS” icon to make a donation to Friends of Scouting
  5. Select a button for your donation and update the quantity to make your donation. For example, to make a donation of $25, click the “5” button and update the quantity to 5 by clicking the “+” button under “Quantity” 4 times.
  6. Click Add item to cart button and your donation will be added to your cart
  7. You can click the “CHARITABLE DONATIONS” more than once to add more donations to your cart
  8. When viewing your cart, you should see the Friends of Scouting donation appear with your other items
  9. You can always click on the trash can next to the “+” to remove the donation item to start over
  10. Once your donation item is correct and all the items with their quantities are correct, you should be able to continue on to select “Pickup” or “Local Delivery”


Delivery charges are taxable in California

Delivery-related charges for taxable sales are generally subject to California sales tax if you: deliver merchandise in your own vehicle