California Silver Tips


Silvertips (Abies Magnifica, Shastina; aka “red fir”), filling our “Traditional” profile, naturally grow at elevations from 6-8000ft.  This is why they tend to have a narrow profile, and whorls at up to 12” distance to be able to handle the severe winds and snow.   


The Silver Tip Christmas tree is native to the high elevations in California. It has long been a favorite since the 1920′s, known on the West Coast as the Cadillac of Christmas trees. The trees slow growth and open growth pattern makes this a holiday favorite for decorating. The name “Silver Tip” refers to the color and placement of the needles. The blue-green color on the tips of the branches is a different color then the interior green of the tree giving the appearance of the silver tipped branch. It has excellent keep ability, and very stiff branched to hold the heaviest of ornaments.